Carrion Crown

Session #13 - Onwards to Lepidstadt!

Our three heroes continue their journey towards Lepidstadt to finalise the last requests of Petros Lorrimor…

Session #12 - Spirit of the White Wyvern

Organ playing ghosts – whatever next!
A talented portrait artist does some good renditions of Ahriman and Shepard Pain, but on the request of the two does a less than flattering portrait of Brutus while he is praying.
A heart-broken gnome declares his love for the local beauty – a Varisian fortune teller who works in the bar.
Brutus trying to get in the pants of said Varisian fortune teller.
Secret discoveries about the heart-broken gnome.
The party saves the inn from the attention of the Whispering Way…

Session #11 - On to Clover's Crossing

Starday, 20th Desnus.

Someone want to fill us in on what happened here?

Session #10 - The Splatter Man... Splattered!

What happened here???

Session #9 - The Lopper!

What happened?

Wealday, 10th Desnus 4711 AR

Session #8 - Fire Fighting

Toliday, 9th Desnus, 4711 AR.

We spend last night in Gaol………

I’m sure my instructors are divinity school would have laughed at that, they always said I was to serious and needed to lighten up and enjoy the camaraderie of those around me.

Like last night, my two stalwart companions and I captured the fiend who has been defacing the monument and marched him back to the towns gaol, only to find the Sheriff out on patrol duty and his deputies sound a sleep.

After a night of little sleep we threw our prisoner into a cell and I took another empty cell to try and catch some sleep before we headed back to the accursed prison tomorrow. Brutus took it upon himself to place a watch on the prisoner – why when he is in a cell and we are in front of the only door leading out, I don’t know. He is probably still a little dumbfounded following his recent divine touch and decision to take up holy vowels (although I would never tell him this, I’m just not sure how holy the Drunk God is).

Regardless, he took up watch for the night and as luck would have it managed to foil some undead from breaking into a house and killing the occupants (I would have helped him out but he really wanted someone to keep watch).

We journeyed back to the Prison the next morning and with some advise from the spirit of the old wardens wife we spend the day searching the old prison records for some clues to the five inmates we need to destroy. While we were sure of our previous successes it was good to obtain confirmation that we had indeed already banished two of these spirits.

After a long day we returned to town and informed the Sheriff of our success, as well I passed on our misgivings about the prisoner (who apparently has no memory of the previous nights events) and requested (as a personal favour) if he could be kept in Gaol for a little longer.

As luck would have it the Town Council called us to a meeting to formally request our assistance in solving their little problem, I of course pledged our assistance and thanked them for the promised payment.

We returned to the town hall later that evening for a full town meeting to discuss our strategy for dealing with the un-resting dead, however for some unknown reason (I still firmly believe he had just been just a little to keen with his “prayers” earlier that night) Brutus strips off his shirt and start to oil himself up????

Luckily, before this deteriorated any further the Hall suddenly caught alight – I sprung into action and put began smothering the flames, and while Brutus and Ahriman tried to assist their results were mixed and these were further hampered by the arrival of two flaming skulls.

With the lives of all the towns people at stake I remained calm and continue to put our the fires and to hurry the townsfolk out the door.

It is with a heavy heart that I report three people died in the flames and that the town hall was lost entirely.

We stand here, tired, burnt, blackened, exhausted (shirtless) and wonder what else this ‘quite little town’ will throw at us next.


Session #6 - Back into Harrowstone

Shepard Pains memory of their ventures back into the Prison were sketchy given all that he encountered however taking the battle back to the Spirit that haunted the Prisons Hospital and with the blessing of IOMEDAE and the assistance of his staunch companions he defeated the foul creature. Looking to continue his retribution on the foul residents of this place he convinced the others to take the battle to the Hell Spawned Fire Spirit in the other room – again they triumphed and again Shepard threw himself into the heart of the battle and the heart of the fire to ensure the Spirit never awoke again.

Then Shepard led the party with his unfaltering courage up the wide and spacious stairwell to the unexplored second floor; his natural dark-vision was not required due to the gaping hole in the eastern wall. Unfortunately, his companions disturbed a nest of stirges and requires Shepard’s assistant to quell these troublesome insects.

On further investigation of this upper level a strange music played out which seemed to captivate his less brave-hearted fellows and put them into a trance. His sharp mind ever active Shepard pulled forth a whistle from around his neck and commenced blowing it – thus ensuring he did not fall victim to this same strange melody.

Breaking into the adjoining rooms and finding the source of the music we put a savage and final stop to it. With the Shepard’s mighty sword ever at the fore.

As we investigated further (with the others breaking in to obviously empty rooms) Shepard attempted to open a stout external door but was rebuked by an obvious magic charm. With the assistance of Brutus Shepard managed to force open the door to reveal a large veranda with s strange sculpture in the center.

Ever on the alert Shepard was quick to react when the Sculpture animated and attached. Throwing himself into the middle of combat Shepard soon overcame the fell creation with a mixture of strength of arms and the aid of his goddess.

We halted our progress at that time to regroup and plan out our next encounter with this damned house of horrors.


(Moonday, 8th Desnus 4711 AR).

Under Harrowstone - Session #4
Runaway #2
4th Desnus 4711 AR, Fireday

Continuing their initial foray into the dungeons under Harrowstone Prison, the intrepid party explored a little of the area leading off from the central chamber – whose stairway down from above was completely blocked with tons of rubble. Soot stained brass plaques were fixed to the walls above the remaining three corridors leading off: “Reaper’s Hold“, “The Nevermore” and “The Oubliette”.

The portcullis to The Nevermore was locked in place by a broken winch mechanism, so the PC’s headed north toward The Oubliette (Galtan dialect for “The place of the forgotten”). A soon as they set foot in the corridor, flames could be seen within a side room which quickly showed the source to be that of a headless flaming skeleton with a handaxe.

The combat didn’t go well for our brave trio – powerful attacks from the headless skeleton proved too “hot” to handle and less than 30 seconds later all three heroes were lying unconscious on the cold corridor floor.

5th Desnus 4711 AR, Oathday

Hours later Ahriman came round to find himself in complete darkness – it seemed that the senses of the headless skeleton didn’t perceive ebbing life forces, or did it have no desire to kill the helpless living?

Ahriman made his escape from the prison and staggered back to Ravengro to find a distraught Kendra, who had imagined all sorts of fates befalling the characters in the jail when they failed to return before nightfall the previous day.

Ahriman paid for healing from the temple of Pharasma and then borrowed a healing potion from Kendra and headed back to the prison – hoping to find his colleagues still alive and rescue them…

Sneaking into the jail, Ahriman descended the rope into the dungeon and found his acquaintances still unconscious. Dripping the healing potion down Shepherd Pain’s throat was enough to bring him around and a blast of divine energy from the god Iomedae was enough to bring Brutus back to consciousness. However, such a concentrated group of active life forces seemed to be enough to alert the blazing headless skeleton to their presence… A short chase to the base of the knotted rope out of the dungeon occurred and a “grand stand” was made by our trio of undead killing warriors.

Brutus bravely put himself in the way of a vicious cut from the skeleton’s handaxe and dropped to the floor again. Ahriman was next to drop after doing some damage to the skeleton. Luckily though, Shepherd pain was able to call up some deep reserve of strength and finish off the skeleton for good.

The wand found in the prison chapel was used three more times to bring people back to health and the party retreated back to Ravengro.

6th Desnus 4711 AR, Starday

After an uneventful night the party heal up some more and head off to The Restlands to investigate rumours of an undead battling cache hidden in a tomb. As they cross the river the party spy some activity around the Prison Fire Monument, approaching the monument they are met by one of the deputies and then the sheriff. After a heated discussion, where Brutus called the sheriff a coward more than once, the party continued their journey without investigating the monument further.

The Professor’s journal proved correct and after a short fight with some giant centipedes the party was able to recover a veritable trove of undead fighting gear. Ahriman and Shepherd Pain were later able to identify the following:

  • Bunch of potions/vials – 4 cure light wounds, 6 holy water
  • 1 detect undead scroll
  • 2 lesser restoration scrolls
  • 2 hide from undead scrolls
  • 1 protection from evil scroll
  • 1 ouija board (Spirit Planchette)
  • 4 iron and glass vials – Haunt styphons
  • 12 silver arrows
  • 10 +1 arrows
  • 5 +1 Ghost touch arrows – damages incorporeal creatures.
  • 2 ??? arrows

On the way out of The Restlands, what the party presumed to be three townspeople attending to the graves turned out to be recently exhumed bodies in the form of mindless zombies. A very close combat followed, with Shepherd pain being the man to “lie down on the job” in this fight. But good prevailed in the end.

Back at the Lorrimor house, most of the cache was able to be identified (with the exception of 2 arrows). An unsuccessful attempt to contact Professor Lorrimor was made with the newly found spirit planchette.

Session #3
Harrowstone Prison - ground floor investigation - Session #2

In the word of our intrepid explorers…

The heroes took a closer look at the strange runes engraved on the foundations of Harrowstone Prison. The engravings were written in Varisian, and there were traces of Abjuration and Conjuration magic. This was obviously some sort of spell or ritual, and a single name was repeated many times over – that of Lyvar Hawkran, the old prison warden.

The heroes entered the prison to investigate further, and encountered some strange and scary goings on, including being attacked by flying flaming skulls, branding irons and a straight jacket! It seemed as if something was controlling the objects, causing them to lash out at the PC’s.
Then they came upon the spirit of Vesorianna Hawkran, the warden’s wife. She spoke to the heroes and explained that the prison was full of very nasty and powerful spirits, and that up until a short while ago she and her husband had managed to hold back these spirits and stop them escaping the prison. Then some strange people came to the prison and performed a ritual that seems to of banished the spirit of Lyvar Hawkran, and now the prison spirits are running riot. The only way to stop them is to deal with the most powerful ghosts, those of the nastiest criminals kept in the prison before the great fire. In life they were known as The Piper of Illmarsh, Father Charlatan, The Lopper, The Mosswater Marauder and The Splatter Man.

Vesorianna informed the heroes that when these prisoners were brought to Harrowstone their belongings were taken from them and kept on the South-east side of the prison, and that these items may aid in the spirit’s destruction.

After starting to explore the South-east side of the prison, the heroes were chased out by a poltergeist, and are now standing outside the front doors, the sun dipping low in the western sky.


Found in the spider infested chapel:

  • Wand of cure light wounds (15 charges)
  • Scroll of lesser restoration
  • 5 vials of holy water.

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