Carrion Crown

Session #6 - Back into Harrowstone

Shepard Pains memory of their ventures back into the Prison were sketchy given all that he encountered however taking the battle back to the Spirit that haunted the Prisons Hospital and with the blessing of IOMEDAE and the assistance of his staunch companions he defeated the foul creature. Looking to continue his retribution on the foul residents of this place he convinced the others to take the battle to the Hell Spawned Fire Spirit in the other room – again they triumphed and again Shepard threw himself into the heart of the battle and the heart of the fire to ensure the Spirit never awoke again.

Then Shepard led the party with his unfaltering courage up the wide and spacious stairwell to the unexplored second floor; his natural dark-vision was not required due to the gaping hole in the eastern wall. Unfortunately, his companions disturbed a nest of stirges and requires Shepard’s assistant to quell these troublesome insects.

On further investigation of this upper level a strange music played out which seemed to captivate his less brave-hearted fellows and put them into a trance. His sharp mind ever active Shepard pulled forth a whistle from around his neck and commenced blowing it – thus ensuring he did not fall victim to this same strange melody.

Breaking into the adjoining rooms and finding the source of the music we put a savage and final stop to it. With the Shepard’s mighty sword ever at the fore.

As we investigated further (with the others breaking in to obviously empty rooms) Shepard attempted to open a stout external door but was rebuked by an obvious magic charm. With the assistance of Brutus Shepard managed to force open the door to reveal a large veranda with s strange sculpture in the center.

Ever on the alert Shepard was quick to react when the Sculpture animated and attached. Throwing himself into the middle of combat Shepard soon overcame the fell creation with a mixture of strength of arms and the aid of his goddess.

We halted our progress at that time to regroup and plan out our next encounter with this damned house of horrors.


(Moonday, 8th Desnus 4711 AR).



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