Carrion Crown

Session #8 - Fire Fighting

Toliday, 9th Desnus, 4711 AR.

We spend last night in Gaol………

I’m sure my instructors are divinity school would have laughed at that, they always said I was to serious and needed to lighten up and enjoy the camaraderie of those around me.

Like last night, my two stalwart companions and I captured the fiend who has been defacing the monument and marched him back to the towns gaol, only to find the Sheriff out on patrol duty and his deputies sound a sleep.

After a night of little sleep we threw our prisoner into a cell and I took another empty cell to try and catch some sleep before we headed back to the accursed prison tomorrow. Brutus took it upon himself to place a watch on the prisoner – why when he is in a cell and we are in front of the only door leading out, I don’t know. He is probably still a little dumbfounded following his recent divine touch and decision to take up holy vowels (although I would never tell him this, I’m just not sure how holy the Drunk God is).

Regardless, he took up watch for the night and as luck would have it managed to foil some undead from breaking into a house and killing the occupants (I would have helped him out but he really wanted someone to keep watch).

We journeyed back to the Prison the next morning and with some advise from the spirit of the old wardens wife we spend the day searching the old prison records for some clues to the five inmates we need to destroy. While we were sure of our previous successes it was good to obtain confirmation that we had indeed already banished two of these spirits.

After a long day we returned to town and informed the Sheriff of our success, as well I passed on our misgivings about the prisoner (who apparently has no memory of the previous nights events) and requested (as a personal favour) if he could be kept in Gaol for a little longer.

As luck would have it the Town Council called us to a meeting to formally request our assistance in solving their little problem, I of course pledged our assistance and thanked them for the promised payment.

We returned to the town hall later that evening for a full town meeting to discuss our strategy for dealing with the un-resting dead, however for some unknown reason (I still firmly believe he had just been just a little to keen with his “prayers” earlier that night) Brutus strips off his shirt and start to oil himself up????

Luckily, before this deteriorated any further the Hall suddenly caught alight – I sprung into action and put began smothering the flames, and while Brutus and Ahriman tried to assist their results were mixed and these were further hampered by the arrival of two flaming skulls.

With the lives of all the towns people at stake I remained calm and continue to put our the fires and to hurry the townsfolk out the door.

It is with a heavy heart that I report three people died in the flames and that the town hall was lost entirely.

We stand here, tired, burnt, blackened, exhausted (shirtless) and wonder what else this ‘quite little town’ will throw at us next.



Great entry! :) Interesting when you describe a fire burning down the townhall and killing some townspeople as lucky! Mind you, it did stop Brutus prancing around semi-naked on stage!

Session #8 - Fire Fighting

brutus does not prance! and my chest was pre-oiled!

Session #8 - Fire Fighting

Pre-oiled?!? I rest my case…

Session #8 - Fire Fighting

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