Carrion Crown

Under Harrowstone - Session #4

Runaway #2

4th Desnus 4711 AR, Fireday

Continuing their initial foray into the dungeons under Harrowstone Prison, the intrepid party explored a little of the area leading off from the central chamber – whose stairway down from above was completely blocked with tons of rubble. Soot stained brass plaques were fixed to the walls above the remaining three corridors leading off: “Reaper’s Hold“, “The Nevermore” and “The Oubliette”.

The portcullis to The Nevermore was locked in place by a broken winch mechanism, so the PC’s headed north toward The Oubliette (Galtan dialect for “The place of the forgotten”). A soon as they set foot in the corridor, flames could be seen within a side room which quickly showed the source to be that of a headless flaming skeleton with a handaxe.

The combat didn’t go well for our brave trio – powerful attacks from the headless skeleton proved too “hot” to handle and less than 30 seconds later all three heroes were lying unconscious on the cold corridor floor.

5th Desnus 4711 AR, Oathday

Hours later Ahriman came round to find himself in complete darkness – it seemed that the senses of the headless skeleton didn’t perceive ebbing life forces, or did it have no desire to kill the helpless living?

Ahriman made his escape from the prison and staggered back to Ravengro to find a distraught Kendra, who had imagined all sorts of fates befalling the characters in the jail when they failed to return before nightfall the previous day.

Ahriman paid for healing from the temple of Pharasma and then borrowed a healing potion from Kendra and headed back to the prison – hoping to find his colleagues still alive and rescue them…

Sneaking into the jail, Ahriman descended the rope into the dungeon and found his acquaintances still unconscious. Dripping the healing potion down Shepherd Pain’s throat was enough to bring him around and a blast of divine energy from the god Iomedae was enough to bring Brutus back to consciousness. However, such a concentrated group of active life forces seemed to be enough to alert the blazing headless skeleton to their presence… A short chase to the base of the knotted rope out of the dungeon occurred and a “grand stand” was made by our trio of undead killing warriors.

Brutus bravely put himself in the way of a vicious cut from the skeleton’s handaxe and dropped to the floor again. Ahriman was next to drop after doing some damage to the skeleton. Luckily though, Shepherd pain was able to call up some deep reserve of strength and finish off the skeleton for good.

The wand found in the prison chapel was used three more times to bring people back to health and the party retreated back to Ravengro.

6th Desnus 4711 AR, Starday

After an uneventful night the party heal up some more and head off to The Restlands to investigate rumours of an undead battling cache hidden in a tomb. As they cross the river the party spy some activity around the Prison Fire Monument, approaching the monument they are met by one of the deputies and then the sheriff. After a heated discussion, where Brutus called the sheriff a coward more than once, the party continued their journey without investigating the monument further.

The Professor’s journal proved correct and after a short fight with some giant centipedes the party was able to recover a veritable trove of undead fighting gear. Ahriman and Shepherd Pain were later able to identify the following:

  • Bunch of potions/vials – 4 cure light wounds, 6 holy water
  • 1 detect undead scroll
  • 2 lesser restoration scrolls
  • 2 hide from undead scrolls
  • 1 protection from evil scroll
  • 1 ouija board (Spirit Planchette)
  • 4 iron and glass vials – Haunt styphons
  • 12 silver arrows
  • 10 +1 arrows
  • 5 +1 Ghost touch arrows – damages incorporeal creatures.
  • 2 ??? arrows

On the way out of The Restlands, what the party presumed to be three townspeople attending to the graves turned out to be recently exhumed bodies in the form of mindless zombies. A very close combat followed, with Shepherd pain being the man to “lie down on the job” in this fight. But good prevailed in the end.

Back at the Lorrimor house, most of the cache was able to be identified (with the exception of 2 arrows). An unsuccessful attempt to contact Professor Lorrimor was made with the newly found spirit planchette.



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