Shepard Pain

Four and a half foot of Vengence. With black hair and beard to match his dark skin and shocking orange eyes, Shepard Pain stands out when he wants to.


Stats are:

Str: 14
Dex: 10
Con: 15
Int: 10
Wis: 17
Cha: 12

A/c: 17 (Touch: 10)

Hit Points: 10

Favoured weapon is a long sword, but he carries a light crossbow for the distant stuff and knife for up close and personal.

He has been trained in:

Diplomacy, Healing, Religious Knowledge, Perception and Sense


A close examination of Shepard Pains backpack will reveal a crumpled note hidden in the seam, it is a number of years old and starting to fade but you can still make out the small, neat script of a small child………..

“I’m writing this to the man who saved me, I don’t know how to get this letter to you but Daddy says I should write it anyway (Mommy doesn’t want me to think about that awful night).

I was playing in the garden when the bad men took me, they put me in a bag that smelt funny and I went to sleep even though I was crying. When I woke up I was in a broom cupboard, I tried being brave but couldn’t help crying again. A big man who stank opened the door and yelled at me to be quite. I saw some other men in the room behind him and tried to call out to them but the big man hit me and I fell to the floor.

I was locked in the cupboard for a long time, I cried again but was quite so I didn’t get hit again. I went to sleep eventually, wishing Mommy or Daddy would get me.

A loud bang woke me up later on and I heard some men yelling and the sound of swords being drawn (like when Daddy’s guard practice). Then I heard a deep voice that called out above everyone else saying:


I heard tables and chairs getting knocked over and men shouting again.

I use to watch Daddy’s guards practice in the courtyard with their swords, but the sound coming from the next room was not the same…

………it was a lot faster

………it was a lot scarier

………and the noise was THUNK, THUNK, THUNK like the kitchen hand chopping up the meat.

The deep voice again called out:


The noise changed after a little while, instead of fighting I heard men screaming but the THUNK, THUNK, THUNK continued………something sticky trickled under the door.

After a while it went silent and the cupboard door opened up, a man stood there with a big black beard and glowing orange eyes and a really big sword balanced on his shoulder – then I realised that the man was only a little taller then me but he looked very fierce.

Then he blinked and his face softened and his eyes widened and he said to me softly:

“Its alright little one the bad men won’t hurt you again. Close your eyes and I carry you home to your Mommy”.

I shut my eyes and let him pick me up, but as we left the big room I opened my eyes and looked around – I though someone had splashed red paint all over the floor and walls, until I saw it dripping from the ceiling…..I didn’t know people had that much blood in side them. I shut my eyes up tight and didn’t open them again until I heard Daddy’s voice.

Daddy says you are a priest who offered to help when I was kidnapped, but you’re not like old Father Donovan.

Daddy says you are a special kind of priest called a Shepard who helps people in trouble.

So thank you Shepard".

the note looks to have been well read.

Shepard Pain

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