Carrion Crown

In Ravengro

3. Desnus 4711 AR, Wealday

Today the PC’s decided to look into the strange happenings surrounding the Professors death. After asking Kendra some questions, they noticed a disturbance in town and went to see what was going on. During the night someone had vandalised the monument to the prison guards. The PC’s decided to go and check out the old prison and the findings the Professor had noted in his journal.

End of Session – Wealday, 14:50

The PCs are standing outside of the prison main building after discovering the runes around the foundations of the prison.

Experience: 700xp each.

The Funeral

2. Desnus 4711 AR, Toliday

The PC’s arrive at The Restlands cemetery to the north of Ravengro. The funeral of Professor Lorrimor only went smoothly after the procession was stopped by a group of townsfolk claiming the late professor was a Necromancer and they wouldn’t allow him to be buried here. Of course this was preposterous so the PC’s proceeded to beat some sense into them until (the mayor?) showed up to confirm their stupidity and sent the troublemaking bunch on their way. After the funeral the party escorted Kendra Lorrimor back to her house for the reading of the will. The professor had left them in charge of escorting a small collection of Tomes to the Lepidstadt University, after they stay in Ravengro for 1 month to help Kendra.


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