Character XP Totals

Character Level Gaming XP Bonus XP Total XP Next Level
Ahriman 5 17,383 650 18,033 23,000
Brutus 5 17,383 800 18,183 23,000
Shepherd Pain 5 17,383 700 18,083 23,000
Session 1

700xp each

Ahriman – 150xp bonus for entries in the adventure log

Session 2

1,266 XP each.

Shepherd Pain – 200xp for a great write up for his background.
Ahriman – 100 xp for the adventure log entry.
Brutus – 100 xp for character entry and background.

Session 3

1,027 XP each.

Session 4

733 XP each.
Ahriman – 200xp bonus for saving the party.

Session 5

1,000 XP each for general roleplaying and working hard to get the Ravengro council and sheriff onside.

Brutus – 100xp for apologising to the sheriff. (Perhaps he didn’t know how seriously he’d pissed him off by accusing him of being a coward).

Ahriman – 200xp for research and connecting the dots… (Can’t say what, otherwise you’ll know where you’re right and wrong).

Shepherd Pain – 200xp for background on how me met Professor Lorrimor.
Brutus – 100 xp for background on how he met Professor Lorrimor + 100 xp for journal write up.

Session 6

1,700 XP each for general haunt/creature clearing out of Harrowstone.

Shepherd Pain – 100xp for adventure log entry.
Brutus – 100 xp for journal write up.

Session 7

1,133 XP each.

Brutus – 100xp for journal entry.

Session 8

800 xp each. Sharing Brutus killing 3 zombies and knowledge gained on 3 prisoners.

Shephard Pain – 200xp for a great adventure log entry.

Session 9

1,467 xp each.

Session 10

3,500 xp each.

Session 11

800 xp each for defeating the Ghoul Necromancer.

Session 12

1000 xp each for defeating the remaining Ghouls and Ghast; and getting across the river.

Session 13 – Goodbye Kendra

1200 xp each for surviving the bat swarms and seeing Kendra safely on her way.

Brutus – 100xp for prayer to Cayden Cailean.

Session 14 – The White Wyvern

1067 XP each for role-playing, character interaction, investigation and capturing Vigo.

Character XP Totals

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