PCGen - Character generator app

I’ve put together a package for PCGen that has the stable release (5.16.4), latest OOC data (V6) and some additional Paizo data sources (Inner Sea Primer, Carrion Crown Player’s Guide).

This is the current package that I’d recommend using, reasons being:

  • Includes data for the Carrion Crown Player’s Guide (with the traits that link you the Professor Lorrimor).
  • Includes the Universal School Wizard fix.
  • Bastard sword and exotic weapon proficientcy operate correctly (they don’t in the latest Alpha 5.17.7).

You can download it from the NSDDS FTP site – under the PCGEN folder. The file is: pcgen5164_OOC6.zip

This is not an actual installer – Unzip this to a directory and run pcgen.exe from the pcgen5164_OOC6 folder. I prefer to do this rather than run the installer – it allows you to have different versions of PCGen installed – and so you can try the new releases as they come out and can go back to previous working versions if there are issues.

PCGen - Character generator app

Carrion Crown Trenloe