The Amazing Adventures of Brutus of Taldor - Chapter 1379 - Cont

Chapter 1379 – Cont.

With the Seance over I decided we should head into town. with so many of the weapons we recovered being arrows i once again bravely volunteered to put myself in the line of fire by buying a bow and weilding the magic arrows we(mostly me) recovered from the false tomb.

I asked Kendra (i pretended to forget her name so the Shepard would look good, i’m such a great guy) if there was a weaponsmith in town and she directed us as such.

After arriving at the smithy and purchasing the bow, i noticed across the square the sheriff’s office and thought that perhaps he would care to appologise to for some of the things he said before. I bravely entered and asked for the sheriff, and after apologising for my own harsh words (though true they might have been) i recieved no such repercussion from the sheriff.

I explored the town a little, and found another inn! they served soem fine ale indeed and i payed great homage to the great and wonderously balanced lord Cayden Cailean, he of the flowing ale and of the buxom bar wench. indeed i feel myself to be drawn to praising lord cayden at every oppertunity, so much so that i almost feel as if his power flows through me at times. perhaps i should speat to someone about that.

we did dine on some harty steaks the were professed to be “Vampire Steaks”, though from the taste, i am quite sure they were not made of actual vampire(see Chapter 423).

and so i continued praising Cailean and, as such things do, the world got a little hazy, and there was somthing about zombies and my bravely laying down (my life as well as the other type).

to be continued…

The Amazing Adventures of Brutus of Taldor - Chapter 1379 - Cont

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