The Amazing Adventures of Brutus of Taldor - Chapter 592 - Part 4 - Section 2

Chapter 592 – Part 4 – Section 2

I left the inn early in the morning, and headed for the ruins as described to me the night before. I cared little for the artefacts rumoured to be found there, but where there is chance of riches to be found, then there will be bandits, and free folk will need protecting.

I slept badly last night, Filled with dreams of the god Cayden Cailean. He is of course well known in Taldor, and I had prayed to him many times while still fighting in the arena. But that strange Inn last night, almost more shrine or temple than alehouse, has spoken to me. I know not what these feeling mean , but I must investigate further. I have never been particularly drawn to religion, but I cannot clear my head of this.

The ruins were exactly where I was told they were. I must remember to thank that strange barman who gave me the directions. Indeed it was not long until I spied just such a situation I was hoping to rectify. A man, clearly an academic of sorts, was beset by ruffians intent on harm.

I bravely charged in, bravely defending the helpless man, an indeed I did smite thoroughly the evil fiends. Spinning left and right, there were thirty if there was a man , and though greatly skilled, all did fall to my mighty blade (and my impressive skills).
The man’s name is Lorrimor and he has requested to retain my services for the next few days while he searches the ruins for yet more treasure. I say treasure, though all he seem interested in are these books. No matter, the pay is good and he seems a good man. we get a lot quite well actually, perhaps I have found a travelling companion for a while.

We shall see.

To be continued…

The Amazing Adventures of Brutus of Taldor - Chapter 592 - Part 4 - Section 2

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